Asset Management

GLL is an active manager with an established track record for enhancing total returns.  The asset management function is segmented both geographically as well as by specialisation based on property type, – retail, office, logistics etc..
In Europe the asset management is divided geographically between Western Europe/UK and Central Eastern Europe.  In the United States the division is between the West Coast which is serviced out of the San Francisco office and the East Coast which is staffed by the New York and Orlando offices. Latin America is covered by the office in Santiago de Chile and Orlando.
Fundamental to the success of GLL’s asset management is the constant knowledge transfer between offices and individuals. Information is efficiently disseminated across the organisation by way of regular video and telephone conferencing.  GLL also enjoys long term relationships with third part service providers who play an important role in effective asset management.
At GLL a pro-active approach to asset management is encouraged.

Asset management is considered a pro-active management with the objective to optimize the return and value of the properties, which includes: