Strategy & Research


GLL’s Research team plays a critical role in product development, the investment and asset management processes. Based in Munich and Orlando, the team provides ongoing in-depth-analysis of all relevant market parameters from internal and external sources, which is used to develop clear strategic guidelines.

GLL´s internally developed rating tool, the GLL Real Estate Kite™, illustrates: all relevant quantitative and qualitative real estate performance data , including

  • market liquidity,
  • leasing potential,
  • economic stability,
  • stability of returns,
  • price attractiveness.

The combination of these five dimensions – shown graphically in the format of the GLL Real Estate Kite – enables an early assessment of market shifts. On a return perspective, this scoring approach enables GLL Research to quantify risk premiums on top of the risk free return for individual markets, defining thus the market‘s “required returns“ and compare these to GLL‘s “expected return“ – derived from diligent forecasts on rents, rental performance and yields for the individual markets. Thus the Kite Analysis provides the mindset for a transparent, objective and ongoing strategy discussion with fund managers and clients.